Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Artist to Watch: Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle

I've been losing myself in the lush sounds of singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle's debut album since its release three weeks ago, and with each new listen, I'm amazed the powerful new voice isn't making more noise than she is.

After dabbling in and contributing to a number of acts, Some Heavy Ocean is a bold solo debut; mixing the dark of her grungy instrumentation with a songbird voice that shifts as quickly into declarative howls as it does quiet coos. Although completely unique, Rundle's light-meets-dark songs would have fit well into angsty mid-90s releases from Hope Sandoval, Jewel Kilcher, Holly McNarland or Alanis Morrissette.

On the standout track "Shadows of my Name," Rundle eases in with soft plucks, before rising into hard strums and mighty vocals. The song makes it quite clear Rundle has something to say, and songs like this make me think she deserves to be heard.

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