Friday, June 6, 2014

Currently Loving: Ben Khan

Who is Ben Khan?

"I want to keep the music out there and keep myself to myself," is what the artist/producer told Noisey magazine during his first formal interview back in January, which doubled as an attempt to unveil more about the new sensation who remains steeped in mystery. Not quite R&B, not quite electronic - the instrument-playing new pop master is just about all the blogosphere can talk about these days, after getting hooked on 1992, Khan's eclectic new EP released in early May. Equal parts seductive and raw, dance floor funk, Khan's soulful vocals melt like butter over the futuristic beats.

Regardless of his age, origin and background-less approach to releasing music - Ben Khan's rich, but tiny, collection of music is the only thing you need to know to realize you've stumbled upon something big.

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