Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Field Trip This Weekend!

The second year of Arts & Crafts' Field Trip Music & Arts Festival is upon us starting Saturday, and as well as the incredible line-up of artists from all over the world, Field Trippers will be treated to the sounds of these guys - the band behind the whole operation.

Broken Social Scene, a musical collective that began with six members and has grown to 19 before, were founded in 1999 by Torontonians Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Eventually graced with revolving contributions from other famed Canadian rockers like Feist, Emily Haines, Amy Millan and Jason Collett, BSS has become the face of Toronto music and the flagship group of the label Drew co-founded, Arts & Crafts.

Toronto wouldn't feel quite like Toronto without the music of Broken Social Scene or Arts & Crafts, which is why I think we're all thrilled to have a chance to annually celebrate some of the music that made our city what it is today.

Here's a popular throwback - one that most girls my age will remember as being the whimsical anthem to their high school years.

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