Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

When I think of Canadian bands, Canadian classics and songs that just remind me of how proud I am to be Canadian, a few (hundred) come to mind. I was saying only the other day that, all bias aside, Canadian music hasn't been this good since the mid-1990s, and almost everything I listen to is, inadvertently,  Canadian. We're back in a golden age of Canadian music and music unity.

In particular, and something that goes without saying, is the glory of this Canadian rock collective. Based right here in Toronto (I watched one band member walk his dog past my condo this morning), Broken Social Scene are some of the biggest advocates for Canadian, and Torontonian, art. They wear this unabashed pride that becomes infectious, after enough years of being around the rotating crew.

"Superconnected", in particular, is one of my all-time favourite proud, loud and anthemic rock songs. I listen to it year round, never failing to feel so enamored with Canadian music while doing so - but, it sounds extra special on a day like today. 

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

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