Monday, July 28, 2014

Karen O's debut solo single: "Rapt"

Written over a decade ago during a particularly lovelorn period in Karen O's twenties, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman's forthcoming collection of solo singles already promise to be delicate, raw and, as expected, beautiful.

Her debut single "Rapt" was released yesterday along with a video of the leading lady submerged in pool water, conveying the feeling of being a little lost through both the visuals and lyrics like "Love's a f**king b**ch/ Do I really need another habit like you? I really need/ Do you need me too?"

Although seemingly dark in description (it comes across as more honest than anything else, trust me), the song itself is gentle and mellow, resembling the likes of early Cat Power bedroom rock. Amidst her ability to write stadium-ready anthems, Karen O has also always had a knack for penning these low-fi lullabies that double as deep think-pieces.

Look out for Crush Songs on September 9, via Julian Casablancas' Cult Records.

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