Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New OK Go: "Writing's On The Wall"

I've always been aboard the OK Go train - whether it's their choreographed treadmill videos or the power pop that first captivated me when I was a wee teen. But when I recently stumbled upon the latest viral choreography that accompanied their newest single, "Writing's On The Wall," I hardly even had time to notice the goofy concept after being immediately enamoured with the glittery, 80s rock balladry of the actual tune. Following on a very Noah & The Whale retro-rock trail, the Chicago-bred boys have nailed that sweet-sounding spin on Cure or Tears for Fears-reminiscent melodic new wave, and it sounds kind of anthemic.

Sure, the video's inevitably cute - but I'll pass on the visuals any day for another single like this one.

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