Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Philly Moves: "Fuxwitchu"

It's not so often that you get to see an artist grow from semi-infancy to a whole other city, sound, level. I've had this privilege with a few different acts, but this week, I've noticed it mostly with Ottawa-bred hip-hop crew Philly Moves, who I've had the pleasure for knowing and watching for a handful of years.

Now based out of Toronto, Philly Moves have been on the grind since they got here - juggling mini tours, other jobs, networking, and, apparently, recording their best material yet.

It's never been a charity appreciation situation with Philly Moves - a duo that consists of MC Tragic and Jonny Rockwell - they're actually incredibly talented. But with their latest single, "Fuxwitchu," they've hit the note I hope they keep exploring. This single's production is on-point and polished; skittering effects and Tynan's sharp lyrics speed up the verses, before slowing down for memorable hooks that show off Rockwell's falsetto and that gorgeous piano backing. Although MC Tragic's rhymes are rapid in the spotlight, he cools down to weave in and out of Rockwell's croon with punchy rhymes that toast the fast life and his girl.

"Fuxwitchu" will be a part of their forthcoming LP, Olga, which drops August 26. Do yourself a favour and hop on board their train; I did years ago, but it looks like their ride's only beginning.

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