Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roadtrip Anthem: Jamestown Revival's "California"

I've got a jam-packed foreseeable future, so I definitely don't have any road trips planned - but, as summer ticks on, this song keeps screaming louder and louder for a chance on the open road. Jamestown Revival, a handsome folk-rock pair of childhood best friends who assembled in Texas before jetting to LA to pursue the dream, have every bit of studio and live substance to run away with this free-spirited Americana they're churning.

This ramblin' tale from their debut Utah: A Collection of Recorded Moments From the Wasatch Mountains is made for a stretch of highway in the dead of summer, thanks to its anthemic stomp and those charming, boyish harmonies. It rises to a timeless place pretty fast.

Take it out for a spin.

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