Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Hip-Hop Single Not Enough People Talked About

I had a fantastic weekend with old best friends recently. This crew (all boys) are usually the ones I bat around hip-hop suggestions with - passing our phones back and forth to be plugged into the sound system for louder air time. While we were doing our usual recommendation game over pizza and beer, I was reminded the genius of one song; reminded of a standout gem, from an otherwise decent album, that I certainly didn't talk about enough when I first heard it last winter.

I'll start by saying that I can usually handle Rick Ross in select situations: having a few upbeat drinks, a goofy moment on the dance floor or in a cameo on another favourite rapper's song. I listened to his most recent release, Mastermind, once through when it came out and noticed a track that's so typically Rick Ross in so many ways (mention of money, grilled cheese and fellatio), yet has three other crucial elements that push it into classic territory. "Sanctified," the easily identified golden track from this release, features the powerful gospel of singer Betty Wright, the confessions of Kanye and one gorgeous underlying piano loop. I was reminded of those three classic ingredients last weekend, and realized I've wasted months of not having this track on repeat due to a Rick Ross-biased oversight. This thing is the real deal, and nearly six months later, I now can't get enough.

PS. Watch Kanye sprint on stage and surprise the audience during the Arsenio Hall appearance. Bananas.

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