Friday, August 15, 2014

Canada's Most Unconventional Pop Star: Lowell

Two days in a row of writing about the same chick? Weird, I know. But, what can I say - it's the end of the week, I'm feeling generous, and I'm particularly pumped about Arts & Crafts' newest pop heroine who's straight out of downtown Toronto.

I feel an undeniable affinity for any Canadian - let alone Torontonian - artist, and have no qualms with the fact that these acts are normally packaged into some form of unique indie-rock or electro-pop format, maybe with the odd classical, EDM or hip-hop tossed in. But pop - one of the world's most all-encompassing "genres" - rarely gets an interesting new Canadian class member who's unlike the Biebs or Magic! mold.

Which is where Lowell comes in. 23 year-old Elizabeth Lowell Boland was signed to Arts & Crafts last year, before releasing her debut EP I Killed Sara V to widespread praise. I'll admit even I didn't get what the big deal was at first. I mean, I understood the intrigue of this newcomer; Lowell had dropped out of U of T after spiralling into drugs, before becoming a stripper and putting her musical aspirations on hold. (I Killed Sara V. is a reference to the end of her stripper persona, Sara V.) Now clean, signed to Arts & Crafts, openly bisexual and one of the rarities who experiences a neurological phenomenon called synesthesia (where vision and sound are interchangeable), Lowell is about to drop her anticipated debut full-length, We Loved Her Dearly and every single preemptively leaked has blown me away.

Aside from the single discussed yesterday, this song, and video, are two more bits of evidence that Canadian pop's newest noisemaker is something to pay attention to. In both her music and how she quirkily conducts herself, Lowell denies every bit of typical pop conformity, without sacrificing the ingredients of a catchy-as-hell, feel good song. Her messages are deep - I mean, the girl has clearly been through a lot at a very young age - but she subtly disguises her wisdom in likeable pop melodies and dangerously sweet vocals.

Listen to"The Bells" below (and dive into yesterday's post while you're at it) for a taste of Canada's next big thing.

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