Thursday, August 14, 2014

Favourite New Song: Lowell's Power Pop Ballad "Summertime"

Honestly, if I write anything more about this song one more time within a 24-hour period - I'm going to be labelled some sort of stalker. And, the funny thing? Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't yet come around to this current person of interest - Toronto-based artist Lowell - or her unique brand of indie-pop. I found it interesting (and understandably thought her ex-stripper, drug-filled old life was fascinating), but never went out of my way to hear more. But, then, I started stumbling upon and having new Lowell songs sent to me, and more and more, I began to see the value of the pop oddities from one of Arts & Crafts most recent signees.

And then this happened. Yesterday morning, Spin Magazine premiered Lowell's latest - an unequivocally likeable power-pop ballad titled "Summertime," off her forthcoming September release, We Loved Her Dearly. At first listen, not only did I notice how it was far more accessible than any of her other work - but I noticed that her voice was exquisite. Her pipes and the soulful choral harmonies reached new heights, complimenting the plainly pretty piano melody and eventual percussion thump.

One day later, I think I've probably listened to it 75 times - always ready for that acrobatic chant that chimes in around 2:45. And, with that, I finally get the Lowell thing. (Man, do I ever.)

You can only listen to the single over at Soundcloud - so, be sure to make the jump. Enjoy!

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