Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nate Eiesland's Stunning Ballad: "Drifting"

While we haven't been treated to anything new from underrated indie outfit ON AN ON in some time, handsome lead singer Nate Eiesland returned with a solo single that's amounted to one of my favourite ballads of this summer.

"Drifting" is one of the dribble of singles released from the mysterious The Red Album - a collaborative project between Eisland, Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run's producer) and STACEY - and it's an undeniable time-stopper. Eisland's voice is like milk overtop a moving bed of chords, singing pretty honestly about the pain of love lost. He maintains that heartfelt composure until mid-song, when cries out in an Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)-sounding moment of desperation that he's "gotta get out." It's something else.

If you're in the trenches of a break-up, this might not be the tune for you at the moment. But, if not, it isn't hard to see the beauty in both the dreamy and sad of this song.

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