Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Classic: Low Roar's "Nobody Loves Me Like You"

Remember how yesterday I said that Nate Eisland's solo single might be my favourite ballad of the summer? I take it back.

Only a few hours later did I stumble upon this 6-minute song - a magical new classic - which is already so precious that I almost considered keeping it to myself. Of course I'm not operating under the misconception that no one in the world has heard the ballad off Low Roar's second album 0, but it's just new enough that it hasn't yet been added to a Grey's Anatomy episode or every indie kid's slow dance playlist. 24 hours later, I really can't stop repeating it.

Either way, like an awesome secret, I couldn't keep "Nobody Loves Me Like You" just for me - so, have a listen, melt a bit and promise not to spread it so thin that you stop appreciating its simplistic beauty.


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