Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Porter Robinson Enlists Stars' Amy Millan on Album Opener "Divinity"

22 year-old emerging EDM superstar Porter Robinson only just released his debut album Worlds, and while I haven't delved deep into the song listing thus far, I've become more-than-aware of his genius idea to feature Stars' leading lady (and Canadian) Amy Millan on the album opener.

"Divinity," a twitchy banger off the bat, starts on the highest gear before intermittently toning down for Millan's famously soft coo and a dreamy piano break. Of course, it blasts back up into soaring synth territory, but not without maintaining the frontwoman's gorgeous vocals which, in my opinion, make the track what it is.

The American producer was quoted saying "Divinity" was the collaboration he was the most excited about, because Millan's songs with Stars were such a huge part of his adolescence. Although a handful of years older, I can attest to that one.

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