Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finally, New Kendrick Lamar: "i"

As fabulous as my night at the Polaris Music Prize was (unreal performances by Mac DeMarco, Basia Bulat, Shad and more), there are, surprisingly, more important things to talk about in music at the moment. Or, one thing, singular, in particular.

New Kendrick Lamar.

A few hours ago, K-Dot dropped "i" from his forthcoming second album - which might be the most anticipated thing in hip-hop's last decade. As the follow-up to the exceptional concept debut good kid, M.A.A.D city, everything about the new release is pretty hush-hush, other than the fact that Top Dawg Entertainment might still plan to drop it this year. If the first single is indicative of what's to come, his sophomore will clearly still be equal parts genius and spunky, while maybe weaving more funk and energy into tracks like "i" - a skittering, retro bassline-filled classic off the bat. The Rahki-produced, Isley Brothers-sampling new single adopts an eclectic, soulful vibe - thanks to a triumphant introduction, intermittent car horns and a sunny chorus that plainly states "I love myself" - coming out just as uplifting as Kendrick's past messaging, but in a far more accessible way.

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