Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar: "Never Catch Me"

If you're expecting to sit back, toss on this new Kendrick and Flying Lotus collab, and be walked through another instalment of Good Kid, m.a.a.d city, think again. "Never Catch Me," from Flying Lotus' upcoming new release, You're Dead, is challenging - not unlike the content of Kendrick's breakout album - but in a particularly Lotus kind of way. 

The producer/rapper has crafted one of his his impossibly hyper, yet beautiful, undertones - featuring wild skittering beats, spazzy multi-genre moments and (thank goodness) one soulful piano loop that anchors Kendrick's paced rhymes alongside the nutty samples.

Not many emcee's would be up to the task of rhyming something thoughtful over Lotus' typically unique production, but Kendrick, obviously, holds it down with ease - spitting fire before gracefully scaling down to meet the songs (few) accessible moments.

Personally, I love it. As I do all things K-dot, and all things Lotus.

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