Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Cold War Kids Anthem: "First"

I remember discovering Cold War Kids in the summer of 2007 and feeling like I'd hit the indie-rock jackpot. Nothing about the band's first release was revolutionary, but Nathan Willet's urgent, skilled vocals and the band's scorching instrumentation was enough to keep me coming back release after release because they had that special something. I've since consumed the band in dribs and drabs - sometimes feeling the urge to rave, other times feeling like they weren't progressing the way I had originally expected, but always relatively on board with their varying level of rock quirk.

It's now safe to say that, with the release of the two lead singles off their forthcoming album, I'm beyond excited all over again. The first track "All This Could Be Yours" was great, sure, but their second drop, titled "First," is completely infectious in all of its soaring guitar, hand-clapping, stomp-rock glory. Although it seems to be a narrative on rollercoaster life occurrences (shocker!), it's kind of hard to gauge what the Californian rockers are getting at here - other than a feel-good, unequivocally enjoyable new anthem.

Have a listen below, and look out for Hold My Home on October 21, via Downtown Records.

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