Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prettiest J. Mascis Single: "Me Again"

When I was a kid with a squeaky clean taste palette and little to no knowledge of, well, anything - all I knew was that I loved music because I loved a pretty melody. I loved how something sounded.  Before having any kind of critical opinion, genre knowledge, distaste or bias, all I knew was that, whether it was Mariah, the Top Gun soundtrack, Motown or Zeppelin, I liked how nice sounds made me feel - simple as that. Kids are great like that.

Every now and again, I hear one of those pretty, pretty songs that I knew I would have loved as a kid. I wouldn't have had any idea who sang it or what their reputation was, but I'd know that it sounded all sorts of good to me, and I would have listened to it over and over again in my room.

After steadily consuming Tied to a Star, the new solo album from Dinosaur Bones' frontman J. Mascis, I can put my finger on one of those songs. The unadorned and lovely album opener "Me Again" has gotten lots of extra repeats thanks to its gorgeous strums, forlorn lyrics and Mascis' croaky falsetto. It also doesn't hurt that the twinkling acoustic ode goes perfectly with a cup of hot coffee and the cool autumn breeze that's been sweeping in as of late.


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  1. Beauty tune. Strange hearing such a difference between this and Dinosaur Jr. stuff, and yet the voice is so suitable for both.