Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Xavier Dunn Covers A$AP Rocky's "F**kin' Problems"

I'll admit, I had no idea who Xavier Dunn was until I caught wind that an Aussie folk artist had covered one of my (well, everyone's) favourite guilty pleasure rap collaborations, "F**kin' Problems." It's safe to say I won't lose track of that name moving forward.

Dunn recently put an unexpected acoustic spin on the popular A$AP Rocky, Drake, Kendrick and 2 Chainz joint - which was essentially the (mainstream) rap party anthem of 2013 - decorating his version with swaying strings, layers of harmonies and a One Republic-reminiscent melody that would have anyone swooning, if mention of genitalia, bitches and the n-word weren't the lyrical foundation. Despite obviously doing a little of both mocking and mimicking (it's impossible not to be amused by a falsetto songbird chanting crude lyrics), by the end of the song, the spotlight is, surprisingly, more so on Dunn's ability to shift "F**kin' Problems" into f**kin' gorgeous territory.

Check out the hilarious and ridiculously pretty transformation the rap banger got. I hope it speaks to you the way it does me.

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