Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Artist to Watch: Ryn Weaver

We might as well just call this "pop week" over at In The Round, because I feel like I have a backlog of feel-good, sugary tunes that need addressing.

Following the Jessie Wares, Tove Los and Charli XCXs, we now have Ryn Weaver fresh on to the scene as the 21 year-old mystery behind some of the summer's most addictive, substance-packed pop songs. Her climb hasn't been quick and painless; I genuinely believe that her grassroots efforts were real, and that her overnight success isn't indicative of pulling a Lana Del Rey premeditated fast one on us. Recording under her real name, then a number of other Soundcloud monikers and grabbing tiny spots on other pop stars' tracks before finally stepping out as Ryn Weaver, the sassy young thing is now undeniably taking her place in the pop landscape, with no less mystery, that's for sure.

All that her rep has really said is that we should all "stay tuned" for what's next, now that she's signed to label Friends Keep Secrets and is giving production nods to cool collaborators like Passion Pit and Benny Blanco. I have no problem keeping a close watch on this one, especially when she continues to release shimmery, ear candy tunes like what you'll find below.

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