Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best New Artist: BØRNS

Damn! What a week for music. Everything brand new is sounding all sorts of nice.

Especially Michigan-bred BØRNS, who blew on to the scene oh-so-suddenly with one of the greatest debut tracks I've heard in some time. You've got to love a mysterious, self-proclaimed "treehouse-dwelling LA transplant" who breezily drops an expansive, genre-sampling first single like "10,000 Emerald Pools." Lyrically dabbling in classic bend-over-backwards love song territory, the song stirs elements of folk, ska, pop and rock with those (at first, female-sounding) falsetto harmonies. Like something from Broken Bells or Portugal. The Man, this toe-tapping ballad is instantly timeless.

Like, come on - how is this his first song? BØRNS is on tour this fall, and something tells me this is a newcomer you're going to want to see while you can still get tickets.

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