Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Best New Track: Communions' "So Long Sun"

Wowzas. That's just about all I can say after hearing Communions' debut single, "So Long Sun."

And, I'm somewhat pleased to see most of the critics and blogosphere are saying the same thing about Copenhagen's newest offspring, because when I first heard the seasonally appropriate single, I had the sneaking suspicion it might have been released about 20 years too late. The youthful vocals and huge, echoing riffs that were the foundation of the early 90s' sunny warehouse rock (think Stone Roses, The Verve, Jesus and Mary Chain) are all here in beautiful form - building triumphantly into this more blissful, more druggy, awesome haze as the song ticks on. "Please be mine/ Please shine all the time" are some of the endearing lyrics that slide over the pretty reverb, without taking away from the fact that the song is, after all, a farewell.

Also, another fun fact: although they sound nothing like them, Communions share a practice space with fellow Scandanavian rockers Iceage and Lower (perhaps the beginning of a new rock hub?).

Have a listen to their newly released EP, Cobblestones.  I think this one's going to be a bit of a classic.

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