Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Pick-Me-Up: The Rebel Light's "Strangers"

I love fall - even the muddy, wet days like these ones. I'll admit though - when it's hard to get that chill out of your bones after stepping inside, some California-bred tracks like this sunny one from Los Angeles rockers The Rebel Light certainly hit the spot.

Like a modern-day Beach Boys, Beatles, Mamas and Papas love child, The Rebel Light's newest single "Strangers" is one of their most polished yet; a happy dose of poolside warmth from the first ba ba ba harmony and funky bass slap. Mention of sundresses, dreams and light are only a few of the beachy references within this radio-ready jukebox ditty, and I can guarantee you'll feel instantly transported out of Canadian October.

You can listen to "Strangers" here.

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