Tuesday, October 28, 2014

HAERTS Debut Drops Today

I'm back! I was away for almost a week, but was consuming tons of tunes, no less.

Anyway, let's just say I wasn't the least bit surprised when I stumbled upon Brooklyn-based indie-pop band HAERTS this summer, and discovered their labelmates were girl-group HAIM. Capital letters, lady vocals, and easygoing, romantic Fleetwood Mac-inspired tunes are all counted for on Columbia Records these days.

And, that's just fine by me, because it sounds so lovely and I knowingly long for the yesteryear. On the kicky and melodic singles, Nini Fabi's laid back croon coasts milkily over the those echoey, retro guitar licks - sounding every bit as unique as they do radio-ready. The pop landscape could use a little more of these emotive girl-fronted groups who nail that perfect balance of equally skilled, but uncomplicated, vocals and instrumentation. It hits the spot (and the heart), the way the classics did.

Get your hands on HAERTS' St.Lucia-produced debut album today. You can listen to "No One Needs to Know" below, and head here to hear my personal favourite,"Be The One."

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