Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Hey Rosetta! Album: Second Sight

"Second Sight [is] not necessarily the traditional supernatural definition of remote viewing or seeing into the future, but more generally nurturing an alternative way of seeing your life," said Hey Rosetta! frontman Tim Baker in a statement regarding the band's new release. "A way of seeing with your intuition, with your body, with your faith (in whatever) as opposed to seeing only with your eyes, your rationality, your everyday brain."

Well, my first, second and third sight are all detecting plenty of magic on the East Coast folk rock collective's forthcoming fourth album, which follows the success of their 2011 acclaimed release, Seeds, and is now streaming over at Exclaim!. Mixing slow-burning ballads with typically upbeat folk and those multi-instrumental, anthemic moments the ensemble is known for, the talented Canadians are sounding polished, beautifully reflective and ready to continue packing adoring venues after this album drops next week. 

I find that album after album, Hey Rosetta! manage to steal my heart with both lyrical and melodic tastes of what I need to hear at that point in time. And, with Second Sight, the band's "alternative view" feels, unsurprisingly, like something that everyone needs to see. 

Enjoy! Below is one of my favourite songs off the new release, and the album opener:

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