Friday, October 17, 2014

TGIF! New Stars Album: No One Is Lost

Ahhhh, Canadian music. Bless it's heart.

Like probably every other mid-to-late twenty-something person, I have a very particular soft spot for Montreal indie-rockers Stars. Part of that enviable Arts & Crafts, early millennium burgeoning Canadian music scene family, these guys and girls were the soundtrack to our first loves, angsty dorm room hangs and most other milestones in between. Stars really were a coming-of-age musical experience for those of us staggering our way out of the late 90s soft-rock, bubblegum haze.

And, to this day (this week, if you count the Tuesday release of their newest album, No One Is Lost), they're still putting majestic, meaningful music into the universe - each album having its own multi-faceted personality that still feels so distinctly Stars. (A band can only have their own distinct, italicized sound if they've been around long enough, and are influential enough, to actually master that.) The release ranges from upbeat synth to reflective, hushed and almost childlike, as heard on the tinkering and charming group effort, "Turn It Up." This particular chorus-filled single pumps this palpable sense of wonderment into you, serving as a reminder to come back down to pretty, leaf-piled earth after partaking in the rest of the disco tracks.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend.

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