Friday, November 14, 2014

Best New Music: BØRNS' EP is Sweet Like Candy

Earlier this fall, I pointed my readers towards the magical sounds of Garrett Borns, now better known as BØRNS - a 22 year-old California implant whose fittingly sunny synth-pop and funk tunes have materialized into a debut EP that's garnering boatloads of praise. Don't be fooled though, although BØRNS may be a newcomer to big critical reception, he's no newcomer to making music. Performing under different monikers since his early teens, BØRNS hopped from his native Michigan to New York and finally Los Angeles to live in a treehouse and conceptualize the infectious singles heard on his debut EP. Yes, a treehouse, and man, did it do him right.

Although anything but typical, the songs from Candy capture exactly what we'd dream of hearing from a soul-searching twenty-something, living off the grid, alongside limitless sunshine and romantic musings. The intelligent production and soulful coastal vibes - which, at different times, evoke memories of everything from Beach Boys or even Queen to Jeff Buckley vocally - are surprising and worthy of a head scratch upon remembering that this is a debut. You might expect this kind of lively genre-sampling and mesmerizing vocal ability down the road, but very rarely on a seemingly out-of-nowhere EP, which I think is shaping up to be one of the best of the year.

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