Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hump Day Treat: Kendrick and T-Swift Mash-Up

I think we all know how this goes. We unabashedly praise Kendrick (for everything), and maybe publicly scoff at T-Swift, but secretly blare her 1989 ear candy when alone in the privacy of our bedrooms. But then, Kendrick publicly endorses her music and suddenly we feel a bit more merited in our secret Swift infatuation. And then, The Hood Internet go right ahead and do what we've all secretly - or not-so-secretly - been waiting for: mash a Kendrick classic with a Taylor Swift (now) classic, to make some of the greatest, so-wrong-it's-right sounds the world has ever heard.

At least once a month I get frustrated that I can't buy or download The Hood Internet's deliciously illicit mash-ups because, damn - "Backseat Shake It Off" is some of the best blending I've heard since the reign of Girl Talk.

Regardless of your affinity towards either artist, don't waste one more minute of this windy Wednesday ignoring this. sick. beat. 

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