Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New TV On The Radio Album: Seeds

What a week! I've been running around like a mad woman, happily hosting company and, still listening to my weekly dose of new releases.

One of them being TV On The Radio's fifth album, Seeds. 10 years after the band's inception, their soulful grunge remains totally in tact, but with a thick, awesome layer of that seasoned accessibility most rock bands fall into after that long in the game. That's a positive thing, in my books, because Tunde Adebimpe's pipes are still bone-chillingly powerful, while the band's instrumentation still constructs those lush melodies that leave you anywhere form toe-tapping to speechlessly reflective.

The band hasn't had an easy run, either. They split from Interscope a ways back and lost their longtime bassist, Gerard Smith, to a battle with cancer. But, on soaring opening tracks like "Quartz," despite lacking the political feistiness of their early days, the band's vast hopefulness is palpable. And good-sounding. Which, after a decade together and many highs and lows, sounds like a fine direction for our beloved TVOTR to go.

Enjoy a snippet of "Quartz" - I can't take it off repeat.

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