Thursday, November 27, 2014

Theophilus London feat. Kanye West: "Can't Stop"

Ah! I've been a bad blogger this week. Needless to say, sh*t has been cray around here. In fact, things have been so nuts that the below tune, which I consider to be one of the best songs of winter so far, isn't really that new by my standards. It was released within the month, but it's good enough that, normally, I would have written about it right away. 

I can't stop listening to Theophilus London's "Can't Stop." (See what I did there.)

The Brooklyn rapper's sophomore album took him two years to make, with the help of executive producer Kanye West and his all-star team - and you can hear it. Between London's punchy rhymes, solid production and throwback beats, I think Vibes is the album that will push London out of the alternative hip-hop realm and into the mainstream, alongside the likes of other genre-sampling big shots Pharrell and maybe even West himself. It never hurts having the aforementioned producer featured on the album's most soulful track, "Can't Stop," which has sexy classic written all over it. London's dreamy rhymes and that deep beat will woo anyone, trust me.

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