Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wolf Saga & Lyon Cover The Strokes

I take The Strokes, and every spin-off project around The Strokes, every seriously. I wouldn't say I've spent much time writing about the band these past few years (outside of Julian Casablancas' and Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo projects), but that doesn't mean they weren't one of the most influential bands in my life, who I had on repeat from age 12 to 18. They were the best thing to happen to rock music at that time.

So, when I find out that two Canadian artists (whose individual songs I've never really taken to) took a crack at one of the best Strokes songs, "You Only Live Once," I was hesitant to take a listen. But, as I watched the rest of the blogosphere dive in and praise, I figured it was safe to give it a go, and am I ever happy I did. They did it awesome justice. Driven by Wolf Saga's pulsing chords and beat, LYON's tiny croon handles the vocals nicely. Sounding nothing like the original, aside from the sweet melody and original YOLO narrative, this electro-pop twist is very welcome in my books.

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