Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best New Track: Júníus Meyvant's "Color Decay"

Oh boy.

Every now and again - and I mean, very infrequently - a song comes along that has all of the particular song elements that make you feel alive. That song will have an undeniably perfect vocal, strings, a robust horn section, breathtaking melody and lyrics, and maybe even just a hint of the 60s. And you'll feel like you've found your musical soulmate in a song.

Some time back, I found that song. But, then I forgot I found it until last week.

Júníus Meyvant is the moniker of Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, a young Icelandic singer-songwriter who released his debut single "Color Decay" this past summer. As soon as I heard his first effort, I excitedly downloaded it to my iTunes library - but, because I usually download music straight to my phone - I left it there in the mess of music over the course of the summer and fall, before hearing it again last week and falling so hard in love with it, I couldn't imagine ever losing it again. 

"Color Decay" is one of the most dynamic songs you'll hear this year. Meyvant has painted a picture so rich, so beautiful and so shockingly mature (did I mention this is his first and only single?) - a mid-tempo ode filled with harmonies, strings and jubilant horns that flow alongside the song's subtle retro sway. And, all of that is gorgeous enough, without even mentioning the profound vocal ability of the singer himself - whose raspy vibrato delivers that kind of romantic lyricism you hang off of.

If you think the studio version is something special, wait until you watch Meyvant strip the song down to it's acoustic basics. It's so moving, you'll wish both versions were simultaneously available as singles.

What a fabulous note to end 2014 on; needless to say, you can expect this to land very high on In The Round's "best of" list this year. I can't wait to hear more from Júníus Meyvant.


  1. I have just discovered this song and in searching for more about it and the artist, came across this article. There is something so compelling about the spirit of this song. Your words apply to my experience of the song as well. Thank you :)

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