Friday, December 26, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #11-10

#11. "Sanctified" - Rick Ross feat. Kanye West and Big Sean

Although I find myself constantly amused by Ricky Rozay, I don't think I ever could have predicted that one of the big man's tracks would end up on this list, or close to the top ten, no less. Alas, he deserves the hip-hop recognition after assembling this Big Sean and Kanye-assisted gem for his 2014 release, Mastermind. While old soul great Betty Wright's gospel rasp threads throughout the piano-based track, radio-ready Big Sean provides the easy intermissions between Kanye's standout featured verse and Ross' typical wordplay. It'll be no surprise when I admit that Mr. West's deep confessional is what makes this track what it is, and what it is, is likely one of the best songs you'll ever hear off a Rick Ross album. Amen, Yeezus. (Oh, and do yourself a favour and watch this Rick Ross performance, where Kanye surprises the live audience.)

#10. "Can't Do Without You" - Caribou

Upon catching word of the new Caribou album, Our Love, longtime fans waited with bated breath to hear if the first single would satiate our four-year-long hunger for more of his genre-dynamic efforts. After a long, diverse and slightly unconventional musical career, Dundas-bred Caribou (Dan Snaith) focused in, with confidence, on this flashy, soul-oozing electronica anthem as the first taste of this colourful next chapter. The delicately warbled repetition and disco ramp-up of "Can't Do Without You" was just the best reintroduction to Caribou's decade-long legacy, and the stuff of an instant classic.

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