Friday, December 26, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #13-12

#13. "The Bend" - Real Estate: 

Sometimes you have to acknowledge an album, not because it was a revolutionary addition to the year in music, but because, in every way, it represents a band's profound growth. If you're like Real Estate, and came to your indie-rock fame as the sunshiny strummers who would decorate your backyard luau or pool party, creating such a reflective and timeless piece of art is a gigantic graduation from what was expected of you. Real Estate did just that when they put together Atlas - a collection of aged hymnals that can quite easily teach us all a little something about living. Sounding equal parts early Shins, Grateful Dead and melancholy Beach Boys, the echoey chords and sunset harmonies are the stuff of grown-ups.

#12. "Blank Space" - Taylor Swift

Gear change! Despite mostly divided opinion, Taylor Swift's 1989 cannot be overlooked as the genius of a pop industry veteran (somehow, at only 25 years old) and excellent songwriter. 1989 was so cleverly conceptualized, written and marketed that no one has even had time to get pissed off about the once-Country-focused star's 180 into unabashed, sugar-caked pop. But, who would want to get mad anyway? Between "Shake It Off," "Welcome to New York" and this grand slam of a break-up anthem, you're bound to throw your T-Swift skepticism out the door at first toe tap. Girl knows exactly what she's doing.

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