Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #17-16

#17. "Your Love Is Killing Me" - Sharon Van Etten

Beginning with a distant drum and organ keys, Sharon Van Etten's best track from her most recent album, Are We There, is immediately set to be profound. Her skilled vocal slides in and begins telling the painful story of a love so consuming and toxic that she needs to break her legs, cut her tongue - and much worse - in order to stay away from, and end communication with, the man who broke her heart. It's a lyrical theme we've all seen before - but rarely seen exhibited in such a raw, desperate confession. Although instrumentally gorgeous, the nature of the song may seem inaccessible and hard to stomach - when actually, it's something we all understand to a certain degree.

#16. "When I Get My Hands On You" - The New Basement Tapes

When I caught wind that T. Bone Burnett was assembling an all-star supergroup - including Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, Jim James, Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) and Rhiannon Giddens - to bring Bob Dylan's newly discovered Basement Tapes lyrics to life, I was floored. How could it be that the notoriously eccentric Dylan would allow this? How would these five exceptional performers agree on song concepts? How do I get my hands on it as soon as possible? After furiously questioning, and actually listening, it all made sense. With full support from the musical legend himself, the gorgeous folk and blues ballads came to life exactly as I would have pictured - dynamic, melodic and so very Dylan in their essence. This Mumford-led sway is an instant romantic classic, in my books.

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