Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #19-18

#19. "Eyes Shut" - Years & Years

Although already renowned in their native UK, this group of R&B/electro-pop twenty-somethings are only finally gaining the recognition they deserve on North American soil. This could in part be because, on their most recent EP Real, they oddly didn't lead off with the double-sided single's most promising promising song - the anthemic one you'll find below below. Led by Olly Alexander's effortlessly soulful croon - which draws comparisons to everyone from Sam Smith to James Blake - "Eyes Shut" follows the magical formula of a quiet intro that suddenly bangs into heroic percussion midway through. If you haven't heard of Years & Years yet, expect that to change very quickly.

#18. "Never Catch Me" - Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar

As per most Flying Lotus songs, this acclaimed October single might make you want to lie down. And, somehow, that's a good thing. FlyLo's coined skittering beats and wacky production come out in full force on this old-school-sounding joint. Eventually anchored by Kendrick Lamar's frantic beats, the acid jazzy tune begins to balance FlyLo's characteristically eccentric touch and feelings of true hip-hop genius.

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