Sunday, December 21, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #22-20

#22. "So Long Sun" - Communions

This shoegaze-tinged summer ode from Copenhagen youngins Communions knocked my socks off this year. As part of a seemingly growing wave of emerging Danish rockers (Iceage, Lower), Communions released this uplifting, echoey rock anthem as part of their debut EP earlier this fall. Listening to the thrashy percussion and layers of huge, sunkissed guitar, you'll feel like you're drinking in the best melodic industrial-rock since Jesus and Mary Chain and Stone Roses.

#21. "Only Son" - Shakey Graves

This album opener off Shakey Graves' (born Alejandro Rose-Garcia) latest album, And Then The War Came, is just one of those songs. One of those songs that, while the delicate Americana chords dance around his seemingly limitless voice, you just feel enamoured. Whatever kind of music you're into, folky ballads like this one are bound to pull a few heart strings.

#20. "Hunger of the Pine" - Alt-J

Following Alt-J's runaway debut album, An Awesome Wave, it was both hard and not hard to imagine the band coming back with an equally intriguing sophomore release. Sure enough, the latter came to life when the Mercury Award-winning Brits dropped the first single off their then-forthcoming album - a haunting, Miley Cyrus-sampling song that lures you in from first quiet keyboard pulse. As soon as Joe Newman's recognizable croon started lightly over the song's exquisite colliding concepts, it was clear Alt-J was back in fine form.

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