Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best Songs of 2014: #9-8

#9. "Digital Witness" - St. Vincent

Although any one of the tracks from St. Vincent's self-titled fourth album could have made it into the top ten, the album's funkiest single is unsurprisingly the deserving honouree. As one of the most beautiful and talented songwriters in the indie-rock game, Annie Clark wowed with this release - a polished, genre-sampling show of the Berklee music grad's endless instrumental and storytelling chops. "Digital Witness," one of the more upbeat singles, is a viral tech culture commentary lit up with a groovy brass section, vocal quirk and tidbits of lyrical irony. While the synth-pop-meets-rock genetics are so very Annie Clark, every other element of this album was proof we'd entered a new, fiercer chapter of St. Vincent's career.

#8. "Memories (That You Call)" - ODESZA

When I heard this first single off ODESZA's outstanding second release, In Return - I couldn't remember the last time I had felt so alive in summertime. Soaked in Air-reminiscent cinematic ambience, the song's eclectic synth and sound samples somehow manage to encapsulate warm weather bliss. While a children's choir chants throughout, the psychedelic middle eight reduces the electro track to one of their coined vocal samples - stopping time for a few seconds. Whether through their gorgeous remixes or another LP, the young Seattle-based duo are bound to stand out - but, In Return might just be there seminal work.

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