Friday, December 12, 2014

TGIF: Petite Noir's "Chess"

If you're like me, and feel like the winter casts a blurry daze over your brain, then this new indie-R&B single is the zone-out track for you. Like some TV on the Radio, Prince, LCD Soundsystem hybrid, South African vocalist and producer Petite Noir has quickly mastered the art of the seemingly slow motion anthem.

A mesmerizing blend of instruments and beats, "Chess" eases you in before shifting into a hurried beat that skips quickly along with that pretty melody. Throughout, Petite Noir (real name Yannick Ilunga) casts his bellowing vocal over you like a spell, and trust me, it's hard to wake from after these 6 and a half lulling minutes.

Have a great weekend!

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