Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tycho Remixes Spoon's "Inside Out"

Last week, when we were having an unusually dry December, this sunny jam was my soundtrack to happily strutting around town and soaking it all in. Today, as I trudged through piles of snow while my dog became a canine popsicle, it still added a little warmth to an otherwise terrible turn of weather events.

As you may have heard (or read) from me a number of times, Spoon's "Inside Out" was easily my favourite song of summer 2014. The timeless indie-rock ballad, off their outstanding release They Want My Soul, was a soulful slice of heaven fit for six months of straight repeats and recommendation to most people I met.

Last week, California artist/producer Tycho tried his hand at mixing the new classic with some upbeat funk and airy synths. The end product is a fresh new groove that blends the original's slow, dreaminess with his coined ambient touch. Have a listen:

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