Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Belle and Sebastian: Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

I've always liked Belle and Sebastian. No doubt about it. Active since the mid-to-late 90s, I became aware of their delicate indie-pop in the early millennium and found it undeniably pleasant - never purchasing a single or album, but always enjoying the easy hum they intermittently provided to the background of my late adolescence.

Leading up to the release of their highly anticipated ninth (!) studio album, the dribbles of singles released were constantly surprising me. Whether the accessible pop groove of lead single "The Party Line" or the full-bodied sway of ballads like "The Cat with The Cream," the rich intimacy and magnetism of this release barely (aside from Stuart Murdoch's recognizable soft croon) resembled the tunes I'd grown up feeling pretty indifferent towards. I finally feel like I know what Belle and Sebastian are all about. I get it. They just needed to get better with age, I guess.

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance was released yesterday. Have a listen and be mesmerized.

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