Monday, February 9, 2015

Best New Track: Milk & Bone's "Pressure"

Hailing from our very own Montréal, female two-piece Milk & Bone have tapped into that gorgeous flavour of mesmerizing electropop that leaves you with spine tingles.

With "Pressure," the ethereal (third ever) single from the pair, their pixie-like vocals slowly transport you into the ballad's all-consuming dream warp. Sounding a little Wet, a little Sylvan Esso and a little Rhye, the girls' harmonies are a tutorial on how to talk lust, as they coo, "You're like good water pressure in a cold, rainy summer...Is this your heartbeat or is it mine?"

Whether or not you celebrate the forthcoming Valentine's Day - this is the prettiest, and most unique, ballad you'll hear this week. Look out for their debut album, Little Mourning, on March 17.

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