Thursday, February 5, 2015

Catchy as Hell: Coleman Hell's "2 Heads"

I love many things about this song.

First, it's been putting a major sunny hop in my step this week as I power through the sludge that is Toronto. Second, this addictive new track is all thanks to Coleman Hell, a budding producer whose made his claim-to-fame from Toronto.

Being based here, maybe Coleman Hell knew what he was doing in releasing this beat-and-banjo-filled groove; maybe he knew he'd be giving the people what they need - a heat-infused earworm to get us through the next six weeks. Released on Tuesday, "2 Heads" is a catchy-as-hell mixed bowl of 70s disco, folk, pop and R&B that could easily climb to the top of the charts any minute now, or stay snug underground the chilly streets of the Big Smoke.

Either way, I guarantee that those who get their ears on this track won't be able to take it off repeat.

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