Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Missy Elliott Remixes Jack Ü's "Take U There"

Who needs a little hump day, back from the long weekend, is it the weekend again yet, treat? This girl!

Thanks to my job, I dabble in literally every single genre, and obviously have a penchant for anything that sounds good. That goes for bad dance music, sugary pop, crooning emo artists - you name it. And, although the EDM genre and its recent glowstick revival can get on my nerves, talented DJs like Skrillex and Diplo have made quick work of revolutionizing the popular space to be cool and slightly edgy again - almost close to the way it was during the mid-to-late 90s dance era.

So, when the two teamed up to become Jack Ü, and started dropping big beats like those heard on "Take U There (feat. Kiesza)", I was pretty game. But, this morning, I became even more game when I learned that the club banger had become the foundation to some new Missy Elliott rhymes. Because, I love Missy, and although it's been almost a decade since she's made new music, I seem to clearly remember deep bass, crump-ready beats like these ones being her poison.

Needless to say, she kills this. Listen to the official remix below.

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