Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One of the World's Best Voices: Listen to Susanne Sundfør's "Fade Away"

The first time I heard Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør's piercing vocals - around the same time pop powerhouses Adele, Janelle Monae and Florence Welsh were beginning to take off - I remember expecting some kind of an industry uproar or revolution to follow. Sure, Sundfør's particular brand of experimental electro-pop might have been less airwave-friendly than her chart-topping competitors, but whether in studio or onstage, there was no denying that this woman's pure, glass-cutting vocal ability deserved mass acclaim outside of her native Norway, where she was a majorly rising superstar.

A few years later and several collaborations with fellow indie electronic artists M83 and Royksöpp under her belt, Sundfør is back with her sixth studio album (out last week, via Sonnet Sound). And, I'm left begging the question - how is it that one of the world's most exceptional vocalists (and artists) has made six albums, yet still manages to mostly fly under the North American radar?

Ten Love Songs, yet another commanding pop effort from Sundfør, is eclectic mix of haunting hymnals and grand pop gestures, such as the album's lead single, "Fade Away." No doubt poppier than some of her past singles, "Fade Away" is totally welcome in my books; an accessible, syrupy hit that rings as awesome on the first listen as it does on the eighteenth. 

Another great album, another great single, and hopefully this time, more light shone on the outstanding talent at hand.

(PS - Check out her performance at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for more proof that she's the f**king bomb.)

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