Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Robert Plant: "Rainbow"

Anyone who knows me well knows that, since childhood, I've had a raging obsession with Led Zeppelin. Like, sit in my bedroom and rank their best songs in my journal, kind of obsession. The legends were relentless in their bold 1970s rock 'n roll reshaping, and are mostly still powering forward in music - dabbling in other genres, collaborations and solo efforts that never fail to wow.

Take frontman Robert Plant's most recent album, lullaby and... The Ceasless Roar, and the album's first single "Rainbow." I had a pretty busy, new music-consumed fall and winter, and will admit that I'm only getting around to the album now. But, since I've been deep into this book, I've been even more motivated to scour every corner of the band members' discographies and listen intently.

"Rainbow" is perfection. Sounding every bit Plant in his effortlessly milky vocal performance, the dreamy, droning hymnal is anything but Zeppelin. The percussive mid-tempo track rides the gorgeous melody, and for a minute there, you'll forget you're listening to a reflective 66 year-old Plant, and not some shimmering new indie-rock effort. As always, he's magic.

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  1. Fantastic. You're right, would never have guessed this was Robert Plant if I didn't already know.