Thursday, March 12, 2015

Best New Track: The Districts' "Young Blood"

When I first checked out the The Districts' debut LP, A Flourish and a Spoil, I felt like I had heard them before - but in a far less rambunctious garage-rock format; in some kind of vintage folk outfit. That's when I remembered I already owned their first EP, a much more lighthearted, youthful effort out of the Pennsylvania childhood friends, that straddled the line between indie rock and easygoing blues.

Needless to say, this LP is a whole other ballgame, and I was a little surprised the deeper I dove into the rawk - yet oh-so-polished - first full-length. How had they made this jump into pretty exceptional, mature rock territory - yet, are all under 21 years old? 

From the melodic, Arctic Monkeys or Strokes-reminscent garage anthems like "4th and Roebling" or "Chlorine" - all the way through to multi-faceted, almost 9-minute long new classic, "Young Blood," this record is magic. Between lead singer Robby Grote's perfect rock growl and the quartet's big, dreamy fuzz-rock jam sessions - each riff hits you like a freight train, sometimes dragging you on, over, under and into territory you couldn't have seen coming.

"Young Blood" has been on constant repeat for me this past month; the track is so far beyond their years, experience and charming beginnings. Swinging in with this soulful, downtempo sound, the tune - and Grote's outstanding croon - rises quickly into a real stomper, before transitioning into a whole other sonic landscape; this twinkling, then gritty, anthem.

If you want to see evidence of their reckless live show and ridiculous talent, check out this live performance. Otherwise, "Young Blood" is begging to be played below.

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