Friday, March 13, 2015

Best New Track: Modest Mouse's "Of Course We Know"

I heard the newest Modest Mouse track a few weeks back, on a particularly gloomy winter's day, and unknowingly let it play on repeat for half a day. Weeks later, and with a whole lot more sun in tow, the song has still stuck with me. Big time.

Epic isn't a descriptive word I like or use, but... "Of Course We Know" is epic.

It's enticing in every way the best Modest Mouse singles are; it burns deep, it burns slow, and it sticks with you minutes after ending. There's no denying the veteran indie-rockers are back in full force with their highly anticipated forthcoming album (seriously, they made us wait eight years), and dreamy album-closers like this one.

Don't expect "Float On" jubilance or "The World At Large" starry-eyedness on the entire new album - (hopefully we'll see a little of that) - but, judging from this taste, some dark depth and reflectiveness will be doled out by the rock geniuses. Ending on a particularly haunting piano solo, Isaac Brock's shaky repetition of, "Lord, lay down your own damn soul," will leave you chilled.

Strangers to Ourselves is out Tuesday via Glacial Pace.

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