Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gateway Drugs' Sophomore Album: "Dare Tonight"

I may have only been alive for a few years of the 1980s, but some part of me must fondly remember the neon synth-pop I heard in the crib. Every time I come across those retro sounds, I can't get enough.

Such was the case when I stumbled upon Cape Town electro-pop outfit Gateway Drugs' second album, Dare Tonight, only a few weeks ago. I assumed I was listening to Modern English or The Psychedelic Furs, before realizing the 80s-reminiscent grooves belonged to a young South African crew who were on their way to perform at SXSW for the first time.

Similar to so many of the 80s finest hits, Gateway Drugs' songs aren't particularly genius in instrumentation or vocals - and that's the hook. They're perfectly simple; melodic, glittery and worthy of an eyes-closed sway or two, under the disco ball. Although nostalgic sounding, the band's dreamy ballads could also fall into the chillwave genre - appealing to fans of contemporary acts like Washed Out, St. Lucia or Blood Orange.

Have a listen:

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