Thursday, April 16, 2015

Artist to Watch: Billie Marten

About five years ago, I heard teen songbird Birdy for the first time and was taken aback by the young artist's chilling voice and covers. Like so many other emerging teen artists, she gained a fast, dedicated following by uploading YouTube videos of her sweet covers, before going on to craft more original songs.

Such is the case with another young British artist I recently came across. Billie Marten, whose debut EP Ribbon was a mix of covers and impressive original material, just dropped her new single "Heavy Weather" - a wise-beyond-her-years vocal and lyrical contribution to the burgeoning female folk scene.

Her voice, essentially, is perfect. Soft and effortless, Marten's croon is only half of the equation - the other half being her skilled guitar plucks and mystical imagery. 

Here's her brand new single, "Heavy Weather," as well as a heartwarming cover of a Hall & Oates classic. Don't get too attached though; soon, she'll be off to college and we might be without for awhile.

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